Intentional Interim Ministry (IIM) – David Buxton

David Buxton has been inducted into a 2 year contract as the Intentional Interim Minister (IIM) for Marion-Warradale Congregation from June 1st 2016.

The focus of this IIM, which will initially be 0.8 FTE (equivalent to 4 days a week), is to
• work with the congregation in mission planning and implementation,
• establish a system of pastoral care and discipleship,
• develop engagement with the community including cultural diversity,
• develop relationships with Resthaven and Westminster school and
• collaborate with Church Council in the stewardship of finances and property.
As well, David will preach and lead worship, provide pastoral care, fulfil other ministerial duties when appropriate and liaise with Presbytery/Synod.

The congregation’s responsibility is to participate in times of reflection and discernment about the future of the congregation and our relationship across the two worshipping sites while maintaining our corporate life and mission, with the support of Presbytery/Synod.

David has worked in Pastoral Relations and Mission Planning, and has a wide diversity of ministerial experiences – Presbytery minister, Executive Officer in Synod, Director of Frontier Services, servicing rural congregations through Pastoral Relations and Mission planning (PRMP) and more. David is a pastor and preacher who is accepting this call to congregational ministry with enthusiasm.